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Lightly rolled sencha, “Orchid”

Nara, Japan


This tea is different from the usual Japanese green tea as it is not firmly kneaded, which means it doesn`t emphasize the typical richness of Japanese tea. Instead, it is abundant in minerals and has a refreshing aroma refreshing of orchids, offering both elegance and vibrancy. It can be steeped multiple times, making it a delightful tea. By steeping it at a higher temperature with shorter time than regular green tea, bitterness and astringency are minimized. It is a tea that will change your perception of Japanese green tea .


Season: From spring to summer (Green tea is said to have a cooling effect)

Time: Morning

Physical condition: When you want to relieve internal heat or when you want to feel refreshed and clear-headed.



Lightly rolled sencha, “Orchid”

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