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Tea selection

Our tea selection

There is a concept called “Ishoku-Dougen(医食同源), which means “the origin of food and medicine is the same”. In ancient China, tea was used medicinally.

What we consume daily shapes our bodies. Water is essential for the human body and tea contains many elements such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and polyophenols.

The definition of “delicious” varies from person to person, though the tea that we find delicious is one that exudes transparency and natural sweetness with elegant fragrance akin to savoring perfume, yet evoking a power of the land. A good tea allows you to feel the blessings of the earth and makes you feel as if your body is engaging in a dialogue with nature.


**Generally, you can enjoy drinking tea regardless of the season and time. However, for reference, we have specified certain periods and times that are thought to be particularly harmonious with nature.


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