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People are drawn to places that hold a spirit

multiculticonnection organizes cultural events and tours. We aim to connect communities through cult
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multiculti connection

who we are and what we do

multiculti connection organizes cultural events and tours introducing you to Japanese culture. We aim to connect Japanese culture with other cultures and build meaningful communities.
Every year the number of tourists who visit Japan increases. Even frequent travelers are drawn back to Japan because of its uniqueness. By showing you the core philosophy and its value, we would like you to understand the Japanese culture from an authentic angle. We aim to build meaningful connections and multicultural communities through cultures.


Next Tour In 2022

Find A Hidden Gem

Deep Culture Day Trip

-Wagashi making and join tea ceremony lesson-

@Yokohama, close to Zushi/Kamakura, Japan


A shrine is a place where you can enter the world of the Gods tales. In this place, tradition and modernity come together through culture.



multiculti connection organizes culture events and tours.

  • Culture tour (food, shopping, DIY...)

  • Deep culture trip -Find a hidden gem- project 

  • Organize food promotion events and cooking courses

Find a hidden gem -deep culture day trip- @ Yokohama, Japan


This tour will enable you to understand Japanese culture on a deeper level. This tour is ideal for repeaters travelers who had visited Japan in the past or even live there and would like to experience something authentic and special.

Tea 101 online course @ Japan 

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This is an online course.

In this tea course you will learn the historical background of tea and how to differentiate the types of tea and finally you will taste different type of tea. You will get some samples before the course, so if interested, please register. Only for residents in Japan.

Fee: 4`000 JPY

International cooking exchange


Exchange of international cooking recipes and culture. We organize special cooking courses to promote foods and food-related products. Please contact us if you would like to promote your products.

Tea Tasting Competition

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We learn about many different types of tea (Chinese and Japanese) through tea tasting competition. The workshop will be customized to your wish. The group size is max. 6 people.

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