Find A Hidden Gem
--Experience The Authentic Japanese Culture--

People are drawn to places that hold a spirit    

Tea house is the place where time and culture cross paths.


Find A Hidden Gem
Experience The Authentic Japanese Culture
Tour Date In 2022 (the date has not yet been definitely decided.)

-Wagashi making and join tea ceremony lesson-

Deep culture day trip in Yokohama, close to Zushi/Kamakura, Japan

Who should join this tour?

The tour is ideal for repeating travelers who have visited Japan in the past (or even live there) and would like to experience something authentic and special.
Especially if you....
• do not want to go typical touristic spot and run away from a busy city, but want to experience something special and extraordinary that is authentic and traditional.
• would like to know, why Japanese culture and the way of thinking are so different from others...
• if you are wondering, why many people do learn tea ceremony?
• If you would like to learn tea ceremony seriously, but not sure how the process looks like
• want to experience Japanese "omotenashi"
Of course, we also welcome first-comers!!

Why is this tour so special?

- Many cultural components in one package. 

- Make your own Wagashi (Japanese sweets) and experience how Japanese people practice tea ceremony (join the tea ceremony lesson) in a real traditional tea house

- The venue is at a large historical Japanese garden, not open to the public. 
- Admitted only by our private group tour 
- Introduce something very authentic and deep culture with a historical background.


About 4 hours, from 10:15 AM or from 1:30 PM

  • Make Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

  • Learn about the Japanese garden

  • Experience tea ceremony and how people practice tea ceremony in a traditional tea house 

  • Oharai, pray for good fortune at the shrine (optional)

  • Number of Attendees: Minimum 3 to Max. 8

  • Venue: Yokohama, 50min. from Tokyo, close to Kamakura/Zushi

  • English (or German) provided tour


Please read before registering.​

  • The size of the group is min.3, max. 10.  If the party has less than 3 people, the tour will not take place. We will confirm whether the tour takes place 2 days before the tour.

  • Price: The price is 6`000-15`000 yen/person.(it depends on the program)

  • Please contact us directly for further inquiries. 

  • Payment condition: Kindly note that only cash is accepted.

  • The meeting point will be informed after the registration.


Cancellation policy:

  • Two days before: 25% of the total amount

  • One day before: 50% of the total amount

  • Canceled on the day: 100% (full amount)​


If you have any questions, please contact me by Email below:

​Looking forward to meeting you soon!